The new Monster 821 has a structure with a load-bearing engine and the main trellis frame attached to the twin-cylinder heads. The concept is derived from racing and was applied for the first time to a production bike with the Panigale project. This configuration allows for a very compact, lightweight frame, and, thanks to tubes with a large cross-section, also a high torsional rigidity, perfect for bringing out the dynamic qualities of the vehicle. The double-sided swinging arm of the Monster 821 also guarantees a compact 1480 mm wheelbase. The rear subframe seat support, also attached directly to the engine, has been redesigned, creating a compact structure intended to also support the new passenger footpeg brackets, separate from those of the rider, to provide greater freedom of movement during sport riding. The attachments for rider and passenger footpegs are made of cast aluminium and are fitted with aluminium footpegs. The rider footpegs are completed with an aluminium heel guard, underlining the sporty soul of the Monster 821.