ABS Cornering aptly uses the signals from Bosch’s IMU platform to maximise balancing of the braking power delivered to the front and rear wheels even in critical situations and with the motorcycle in a leaning position. By interacting with the Riding Modes, the system is able to provide the ideal solution for every situation and riding condition or rider’s preferences. The system has three different intervention levels. Level 1 offers the highest performance for sporty use, eliminating the Cornering function, rear lift-up detection and allowing rear dumping during braking with the ABS applied to the front only. Level 2 ensures the balance between the front and the rear without rear lift-up detection, though it enables the Cornering function, set on purpose for a sporty riding style. Level 3 allows to optimise braking performance by detecting rear lift-up and enabling the Cornering function, set on purpose for maximum safety (safe & stable configuration).